Ing. Markéta Lysá

Cytogenetic Laboratory

Born in 1964 in České Budějovice. In 1983, she graduated from the Grammar School of Karel Šatal in České Budějovice. She studied at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Agrobiology in České Budějovice, phytotechnical field, specialization: genetic engineering and plant breeding.


1 January 1994, she started working as a laboratory technician for KNsP, OLG in České Budějovice

1 April 1994, biologist – Head of CG Department with the same company

4 June 1996, attestation in the field of Examination Method in Medical Genetics

from 1 July 1997 – up to now, Centre for Medical Genetics Ltd.

30 December 2005, Certificate on the Exercise of Medical Profession without Professional Supervision (extended until 2020)