Provided care

Take a look at our list of provided care and services.

Outpatient services

Our main specialization is ultrasound detection of congenital developmental defects. We also provide genetic consultations and genetic examinations for couples with fertility disorders, repeated miscarriage, and families with a history of cancer or other serious congenital diseases.


  • Cordocentesis – collection of blood samples from the umbilical cord of a fetus at the 21st week. This procedure is done in special cases only at the women’s clinic of the University Hospital in Prague 2, Apolinářská 17, by Dr. P. Calda.
  • Molecular genetic tests not carried out in our Center – the blood and amniotic fluid in individuals with hereditary diseases and defects are tested in other medical centers in the Czech Republic or abroad.
  • Superconsiliary echocardiography of a fetus – in case of an ultrasound detects of a congenital heart defect in a fetus, the patient is sent to the Pediatric Cardiocenter of the Motol University Hospital, Prague 5, Dr. V. Tomek, with the possibility of extended care.
  • Medical care for the remainder of the pregnancy until birth for patients with a detected fetal congenital anomaly, provided by the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Motol Teaching Hospital, Prague 5, Dr. M. Brejchová. Planned surgical procedures as part of early postnatal care (facial clefts, esophageal defects, hydrocephalus, etc.)
  • In case of a congenital developmental defect in the fetus, transfer of information about the finding to Dr. J. Dušek, Department of Neonatology of the České Budějovice Hospital, followed by immediate postpartum care
  • Special testing prior to IVF (in-vitro fertilization) for infertile patients provided by Sanatorium ART, Mánesova 24, Č. Budějovice, Dr. R. Michálek.


The laboratories of the Center for Medical Genetics are divided into two sections. They deal with cytogenetics, molecular cytogenetics, and molecular genetics. The Center for Medical Genetics actively monitors all trends and developments in the field of medical genetics. Employee education and training are parts of the fundamental methods to constantly improve the quality of care we provide to our patients.