Specialized ultrasound examination of the fetus in the first trimester

Ultrasound examination of the fetus to detect congenital defects and chromosomal disorders


First trimester – nuchal translucency (NT) scanning by an accredited sonographer (week 13)

Nuchal translucency (NT) scanning at our accredited centre at the FMF London can be performed at the patient’s request – for direct payment of CZK 1,600 (the act is not covered by health insurance). It is possible to calculate the risk, for example, of Down syndrome as early as in the first trimester (week 13); in case of high risk, it is possible to perform chorionic villus sampling – CVS (taking a sample of the placenta) and Array CGH analysis. For patients with a moderately increased risk and normal ultrasound finding, it is possible to perform non-invasive testing (NIPT). For all other patients (i.e. for all women who have not undergone sampling of the placenta in the first trimester or NIPT), it is recommended to add the collection for AFP, HCG, uE3 from week 14+0 of pregnancy by their gynaecologist – i.e. perform a complete integrated sequential test!
The nuchal translucency (NT) scanning and the sequential integrated test increase the detection rate of Down syndrome to 95% (sequential integrated test including NT). The biochemical integrated test without NT has a detection rate of 90% (serum integrated test).
The integrated test has a higher detection rate for Down syndrome than the combined test in the first trimester (by 5-10%). In addition, it also includes the AFP, i.e. detects also spina bifida and abdominal wall defects.

The nuchal translucency (NT) scanning is covered by health insurance for examination due to medical indication.